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Faculty presentations that used screencasting (Screencast-O-Matic) as their choice of the instructional tool:

  1. Karim Abdelhay - Metabolism of Cocaine
  2. Linda S. Sanders -Food Stamp Challenge
  3. Lindsay Anderson -Homelessness Prevention and Intervention in Social Work
  4. Samuel Bowerman -Ransomware: How it Works and How it Could Affect an Organization
  5. Greg Bordner -Human Factors in Occupational Safety
  6. Trevor George -Introduction to OSHA Training
  7. Zhe Zhang -Five Types of Diversification Strategies
  8. Jan Newsome - Lecture on Confidentiality
  9. Sung Bae Jeon - Introduction to GEO 110
  10. Kristen Kean -Vibrato for Flutists
  11. Alana Ghent - Costume Design Project
  12. Whitney Cook - Introduction to OTS 301
  13. David Mohallatee - Sketch to 3D Print
  14. Cynthia Tran - Individual video on precision
  15. Li Li Zyzak - Lecture on Carbohydrates
  16. Mengkun Yang - Huffman Trees: Motivation
  17. Shuangteng Zhang - Course Introduction
  18. Radhika Makecha - Course Introduction and Tour
  19. Lisa Bosley - Talk to the Text
  20. Barry Spurlock - Personal and Environmental Hazards
  21. Eugene Styer - Digital Signatures
  22. Luna Weiss-Salinas - Errorless Teaching Procedure within DTT
  23. Casey Humphrey - Accessing Groups in Blackboard
  24. Paul Boyles - Thomas Aquinas Method of Ethical Inquiry
  25. James Robert Blair - Introduction to MKT 370
  26. Mary Thompson - Web Time Entry System
  27. Tina Clinton - Dimensional Analysis Problem in Chemistry
  28. Toni J. Wells - Approving time for employees
  29. Ismaila Ceesay - Intimate Partner Violence - Scenario 1
  30. Deanna Kasitz - Introduction to WGS 201
  31. Richard Osbaldiston - Critical Reasoning in Everyday Applications
  32. Ellen McMahan - Assistive Technology
  33. Jose Gomez-Becerra - Course Introduction for SPA 102
  34. Leah Simpkins - Introduction to OTS 850
  35. Phyllis Bryden - Hypothesis Testing Intro
  36. Wardell Johnson - Introduction to Title IX
  37. Sarah Feltus - How to Install QuickBooks
  38. Nicole Lavy - SOC 210 Course Introduction
  39. Jim Hinerman - ESS 530 Intro video
  40. Heather Adams-Blair - Autobiography Instructions
  41. Tracy Stepanyan - Summa­ry of the cell biology course
  42. Clint Pinion - Lesson on hazardous waste
  43. Carla Patton - Registration Video 1 | Registration Video 2
  44. Julie Baltisberger - Mac Accessibility
  45. Dominic Ashby - Instructions for creating a Wordpress Account
  46. Sara Incera - Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
  47. John Settimi - Carbon in Soil Decomposition
  48. Brandi Stocker - Degreeworks tutorial
  49. Marcel Robles - Types of Research
  50. Mary Tortorici - Photography and Visual Information
  51. Christy Templeton - Your Advisor and You
  52. Elizabeth Rhodus - Course Introduction
  53. Mary DeLetter - Course Introduction
  54. Danny Miller - Course Introduction
  55. Angela Spiers - Psychosocial Development
  56. Donald Yow - Course Introduction to GEO 315
  57. Ed Fenton - The Impact of Transactions on the Financial Statements
  58. Michael Lane - Highland Games
  59. Melba Custer - Course Introduction
  60. Saadia Khan - Course Introduction
  61. Trish Isaacs - Course Introduction
  62. Shabnam Haghishahir -  Converting Formulas | Writing Condensed Formulas
  63. Kim Chitwood - Course Introduction to OSH 110
  64. Helyne Frederick - Sociocultural Project - Scavenger Hunt. The project provides an explanation of a class assignment as well as examples and expectations for the assignment.
  65. Dr. Hardman demonstrated a two video combo using Screencast-O-Matic. The video will have a professor introduction and a course introduction. Course IntroductionEarly Childhood Sensorimotor Development
  66. Christine Myers - Introduction to the OTD Capstone Project. It is an introduction to the OTD Capstone project and provides an overview of the capstone project, steps to completion, and helpful tips for students as they begin to focus on their capstone project topic.
  67. Margaret Ndinguri - Organic Chemistry Preparation Class. The presentation will be used to familiarize students with the structure of the course as well as show them where to locate various course components.
  68. Socorro Zaragoza - Introduction to SPA 101. This video will be an introduction to the instructor and an online course. It will be used to create a human connection to the students in the course and to assure them there is a human being behind the computer. This will also help students feel that they are part of the course. The main objectives are to create a meaningful connection with students and to guide students through the course to minimize confusion and frustration.
  69. Fran Dickson - Using screencasting to create Course Introduction video. First the students are introduced to the instructor. Then Dr. Dickson discusses key concepts associated with interpersonal communication such as why study interpersonal communication, myths about interpersonal communication and the Principles of Interpersonal Communication.
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